Tim Wade is a global motivational speaker based in Singapore and born and bred in Asia.
Tim Wade is a global motivational speaker based in Singapore and born and bred in Asia.

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Yes Tim Wade can - Global Motivational Speaker on Change Management, Innovation and Creativity, and Inspiring Positive Action
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Tim Wade is a multiple-award-winning global conference speaker on Transformation, Innovation, and Motivation.

Going through CHANGE?

Tim Wade is your
Transformation Speaker

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Global financial services giant HSBC engaged Tim Wade to speak at their leadership and operational conferences in Brunei and Singapore.

Regional retail giant Courts engaged Tim Wade for 5 consecutive years to lead their staff conferences, and to lead their corporate values transformation initiative in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

VISA hired Tim Wade to facilitate a senior management retreat for their new Europe, Middle East and Africa team at an event held in Dubai.

Need to spark CREATIVITY?

Tim Wade is your
Innovation Speaker

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Innovation powerhouse 3M hired Tim Wade to facilitate their management retreat in China.

Telco giant Singtel engaged Tim Wade to lead their teams through brand transformation programs and to creatively launch their internal employee engagement initiatives.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force hired Tim to lead several creativity workshops to generate ideas and innovative ways to tackle the  future responsiveness to fire-fighting and other services.

Time for team MOTIVATION?

Tim Wade is your
Motivational Speaker

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Supercar manufacturer and distributor, Ferrari, hired Tim Wade for their regional event on sales and customer excellence held in Singapore.

Insurance giant Prudential brought Tim Wade to motivate over 14,000 agents in Singapore and Indonesia at kick-off,  final sprints and momentum sessions.

DEWA, Dubai’s water and energy board engaged Tim Wade to deliver a keynote to motivate positive change and increase positive action during transformation at an event in the United Arab Emirates.

awesome FEEDBACK:

This is the second time I've invited Tim as a guest/anchor speaker for my event... The management team is so impressed with the session that we are looking forward to have him back for next year’s conference! Thank you once again for the fantastic session!​
Agnes Lee
Marketing Manager, IELTS, IDP Education Pty Ltd, Australia
Sagatori utilised the outstanding skills of Tim Wade as lead facilitator for a number of seminars and workshops. Without exception our clients responded positively to Tim’s leadership and open encouraging style. With a mix of humour and extremely well polished speaking skills, Tim is hard to beat as a speaker and facilitator.
Simon Kriss
Sagatori Consulting, Hong Kong
Mr Tim Wade is an exceptional and inspiring speaker.

His talk aided all attending public servants in a very different perspective.

It was very appropriate and well-tailored to our framework.
LTA Lim Zhong Yi
Singapore Civil Defence Academy

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Tim Wade Global Motivational Speaker Singapore
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Clients have engaged Tim Wade to work with audiences of 10 to 10,000 people, whether that’s in Japan, China, India, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, London, Singapore, Australia, or on a ship sailing around the globe. Tim Wade motivates, inspires, engages, interacts, educates, relates, and delivers energy, ideas, laughter and positive results. More about Tim Wade here

If you’re looking for a speaker who knows the corporate business mindset, understands employee challenges, and helps audiences motivate positive change and create positive business results, then that’s Tim Wade. 

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PLUS: every time Tim Wade speaks at events, we help even more people in need...

Tim Wade's foundation gives to projects that help achieve the 17 UN Global Goals

When you choose Tim Wade for your events, the impact lasts far longer than the time Tim is on stage, and for more people than are in the audience. While he shares additional resources with you and your audience to continue the impact of his sessions for long after the event, something else happens that’s really quite awesome… 

…because every time Tim speaks (or when we complete videos or projects for our clients), Tim and his wife Lydia support social enterprises around the world to help people who really need help.

Our projects align with 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These have ambitious targets to meet by 2030, but not impossible targets when businesses choose to help. We’re helping.

Oh and because we’re directly supporting projects located in countries from whom we get no tax benefits, we get zero tax relief for this: nada, zero, zilchamundo. But that’s not why we’re doing it.


We’re doing it because we stand for creating positive change. We help our clients do that. We also choose to do it for those in dire need of help. There are so many. If we can help some of them, we should. They may never know who we are. But that’s totally okay.  

We’re blessed to be able to help, so we’re helping in whatever small way we can. So thanks for choosing Tim Wade for your events.

It matters. So far (and this is AWESOME) our Wade Foundation has created over 2.9 million impacts around the world through our giving choices. That’s only been possible because of every single client who has trusted us with their events! So thank you.

Together we’ve been creating (and continue to create) impacts of education, joy and unconditional assistance around the world.

Thank you.

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