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Authentic, engaging, dynamic, intelligent, humorous ideas that connect.

Tim Wade on stage with 1500 audience members giving him a standing ovation

Tim Wade is a multiple-award-winning global conference speaker on leading change.

Tim Wade is a global motivational speaker on leading positive organisational change who flies from Singapore and triple offsets his flights with Impact Bundles including lots of mango trees through B1G1. timwade.com

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Tim Wade has been creating transformative keynote experiences for event audiences since 2008.

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Culturally sensitive, globally engaged

Clients have engaged Tim to speak with their audiences in these countries. It’s pretty much everywhere except Spain and that other place. He’s been to Spain, just not for a client event. He might not have visited that other place… but he probably has… maybe.

Anyway cultural sensitivity is important because you need a speaker who isn’t going to alienate your audience with a story that’s irrelevant to that culture. American Football anecdotes in cricket-loving India… nope.  So choose Tim. Because he’s never played American Football.

Tim Wade's foundation gives to projects that help achieve the 17 UN Global Goals

Hiring Tim Wade for your event is good for the planet

Every time Tim Wade speaks at events he travels climate positive through a triple offsetting idea he discussing in one of his blog posts. Plus every active business touchpoint in Tim’s business supports worthy causes around the world and are aligned to supporting every one of the United Nations’ 17 global Sustainable Development Goals. So hiring Tim Wade is awesome for your event PLUS you’ll help us help poor people and the planet at the same time, making you awesome too.

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Tim Wade Global Motivational Speaker Singapore
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