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Hi, I'm Tim Wade

I'm a husband to Lydia and father to Zoe. I love helping people step into their higher potential, finding humour in life, as well as learning, travel and football. I was born in Malaysia, I'm from Australia, I'm married to Singapore and I speak and train globally. And every time I'm hired to speak or train, we give to worthy causes globally, with over 3.2 million impacts helping people in need so far. (If you'd like to know more about that, just ask me in the chat. Happy to share.)

I help business leaders and teams

Over my career in leadership, operations and as a change consultant for businesses across the region, I've been hired to help groups shift from A to B faster and with less resistance, so they can realise positive results sooner. I'm hired to speak with leaders and teams at kickoffs, celebrations, townhalls, training workshops, conferences, and conventions. I love inspiring action that delivers positive results.

Here are some of my clients

I've been engaged to speak and train by MNCs, government ministries, churches, prisons, armed forces, charities, and some amazing global brands such as Ferrari, Deloitte, Blackrock, Royal Caribbean, Cathay Pacific, Microsoft, Daimler and Visa. They trust me to deliver. So can you. I've delivered to audiences as small as 3 in Brunei, to over 10,000 people during a convention in Jakarta, and to thousands online. Scroll down for some testimonials.

Global speaker, lives in Singapore

Since 2008 I've been hired to speak globally to motivate, inspire, educate and share tools and solutions with live audiences totalling well over 270,000 people.

I help people to: shift thinking, lower resistance, embrace change, find solutions, take action, and achieve positive results. And I share tools, resources, insights and inspiration to make it happen.

Online. On stage. Hybrid.

Made in Asia, helping the world

I was born in Malaysia, and was exported to Melbourne, Australia when I was 13. I later graduated from the University of Queensland in 1993 studying Organisational Psychology. After working in counselling and coaching, I led corporate teams through change in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and as a consultant across Asia. I live in Singapore, speak and train across the region and help worthy causes globally.

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Here are some testimonials

We partnered up with Tim to host a series of virtual web meetings and had a great experience. Tim is a very engaging keynote speaker with a great eye for valuable content and a lot of fun at the same time. He was super interactive with the audience and the other speakers, making every moment exciting. On top of that, he's also a leading change expert, this guy is incredible.

- Chlo√© de Salle, Marketing Manager, Teambuilding Asia, Hong Kong

I have had the great pleasure of Tim facilitating and speaking at many of our team gatherings and have been particularly impressed by his stage presence, impact on the audience, and in particular his connecting with our people at an emotional level in motivating positive change.

- Terry O'Connor, Chief Executive Officer, Matahari, Indonesia

Tim has a remarkable capacity to engage his audience, no matter what the size, and take them on a journey of self-discovery and business enhancement like no other. He combines humour, wisdom and thought provoking insights to challenge our thinking and shift our perspective on any subject area he chooses. I recently saw him speak at an event and after his presentation I am personally aware of participants who have undertaken significant change to the manner in which they do business and make their impact. I too was one of those who made positive and powerful changes after his presentation. If you are looking for a powerful, engaging and humorous speaker, you need look no further.

- Heather Yelland, Chief Change Maker, The Elevation Company, Australia

I've been to a number of events where Tim has been the man in charge on stage. And as a trainer, facilitator and MC he is just absolutely FANTASTIC. Tim possesses what I call industrial-strength applied-creativity. He constantly adds value with ideas that are not only unique but implementable in corporate settings. He has more enthusiasm and energy than I think is healthy for a man his age but then again his heart is twice as large as most people I know... Tim's generosity and desire to make the world a better place shines through in everything that he does.

- Joe Augustin, Head Coach at Joe Augustin Coaching, Singapore

Tim created and delivered a truly inspirational online keynote session for our all staff - Ability Kick Off 2021 conference this week. Tim has incredible energy, passion and humour which combined with his amazing talent to make every participant feel a real connection with him - even over Zoom - made his session a huge success. The way Tim carefully customised his message, stories and the powerful lessons demonstrated that he really is a World Class Keynote Speaker and Change Consultant.

  • - David Powell, Managing Director at Asia Ability Training & Consulting, Malaysia

Tim is an expert trainer in management. I attended a course of his and found his knowledge to be very valuable. What makes it even more valuable was the way that he transferred his knowledge to us. It's like he breaks down all the components of management, explains to us what each and every component does, and then builds them back together again. He did it in such a way that became very easy for us to understand and fun at the same time! I have now started to look at Management from a different perspective especially from a psychological one.

- Saud Albegami, Executive Manager HR Business Partner, Al Rajhi Bank, Saudi Arabia

3 ways to engage Tim


The Mindset of Victory - keynotes 

Tim Wade's keynotes for conference and event audiences really energise, inspire, inform and motivate positive action. With such positive engagement, Tim helps create event excitement and inspires participants to move forward, embracing the future, now.

Tim works with you and selected members of your leadership team to understand the challenges and direction, the opportunities you're seeking to realise, and then crafts a presentation to best deliver the outcomes you're looking for in a way your audience will best respond.

For more details, please click the chat button and connect with Tim now.


Win Through Change - training

Tim's depth of programs are testament to his corporate experience. He delivers leadership development training, change management training, coaching skills for leaders and managers, presentation skills for leaders and managers, influencing skills, understanding psychometrics, how to conduct performance reviews, how to increase productivity, and more.

All of these programs and modules help leaders and teams WIN THROUGH CHANGE.

And his humorous and engaging style connects with participants and helps them grow, transferring his knowledge so that they get it, apply it, and realise the benefits for themselves, for their teams, and for their organisation.


Leadership Victory -  coaching

In blocks of confidential sessions, Tim works with individuals to help them to find breakthroughs in clarity, accountability, action and results. He helps them gain powerful shifts in thinking and perspective, and works with them to get past their barriers and step into their higher potential. And he teaches them to do the same for their people too.

Because Tim is not in your corporate hierarchy, and because of the way Tim approaches these discussions, your people open up to Tim and share their challenges in a way they're unlikely to do when there's a perceived risk to their career progression.

Remove hurdles. Unlock potential.

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