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Thank you once again for the fantastic session! Agnes Lee, IDP Education

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Clients book Tim Wade as their:

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Conventions, Conferences, Kickoffs, MICE events (ask for other rodent events).

Professional Facilitator

Facilitate strategic leadership retreats.

Change Management Programs

Not to change the management, but to help people lead and manage change.

Leadership Development Trainer

Create your own Leadership Academy with our curriculum.

Video Production

Corporate Communications Videos and Training Programs.

Team Building

We save you from yet another Amazing Race.

Event Host

Helping create and bring to life the theme of your event from concept to on-stage delivery.

Part-time News Anchor

Stay classy, Asia.

and why else?

For every audience member, we sponsor the education of a disadvantaged child through B1G1.com … It's our gift of giving. To learn more, visit the Wade Foundation site.
Tim Wade engages audiences through multiple learning modalities and entertaining participation. From racing across the stage to singing "Yes We Can!" Tim Wade will have your audience enthralled throughout the session.
Tim Wade can speak with your organisation anywhere in the world as travel costs are already built-in to his fee.

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Clients book Tim to speak in Singapore Malaysia Thailand Brunei Bangladesh Japan Indonesia Korea Philippines China Hong Kong Myanmar Vietnam Taiwan Australia Sri Lanka India Pakistan UAE SaudiArabia NOT Spain

Across borders. Across industries. Across cultures. Clients trust Tim Wade to deliver.