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Choosing us helps change the world
Every time clients choose to work with us, they're making a positive difference for their teams as well as helping change the world for good. Check out how our global giving programs also align with the UN Global Goals and how we're contributing to a better world in our small but significant way​​​​​​​:
About Tim in 72 seconds
This short video is about Tim, his background, topics he covers, his clients and more...
Awesome Testimonial
This video is of a written testimonial from Agnes Lee, the Marketing Manager for IELTS. It's awesome. "This is the second time I've invited Tim as a guest/anchor speaker for my event... The management team is so impressed with the session that we are looking forward to have him back for next year’s conference! Thank you once again for the fantastic session!" So awesome we turned it into a video.
High-energy showreel 36
If you're the kind of person who likes a bucket of coffee in the morning and you thought the 72-second video was way too long, here's a super short and high-caffeine video that packs a tonne of info into half that time.
Yep... 36 seconds. Roast them beans? Yes we can!
Workshops and Training - Tim in Action
This video was shot during one of Tim's programs for 35 senior sales and marketing managers from across APAC. In this video you'll see the high level of audience engagement, interactivity, fun and variety that Tim uses in his programs to deliver a highly effective experience.
P.S. We're helping to Motivate Positive Change in the world
When you choose us to make an impact for your audiences, we also choose to make an impact for people in need somewhere in the world... (and we also give when you simply send us a message)... so far our giving has made over 2.2 million impacts around the world. Find out more here.
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