Your best, most positive and accurate New Year forecast!

This is your best, most positive and accurate New Year forecast… Because I’m fascinated about people’s desire to read a forecast of their fortunes for the new year, I thought I’d write one, an awesome one. Astrologers publish calendar year or lunar new year horoscopes all over the world, but what if it contains bad news? (The one I wrote for you doesn’t: it’s awesome.) During Chinese New Year there is enormous interest in how the coming year will pan out. In Singapore for example, huge boards go up in public areas during Chinese New Year and crowds gather to read forecasts of their health, happiness, relationships and wealth prospects for the year ahead. Now while I don’t believe in any of that stuff, I do know that our expectations of the future will influence our mindset and the degrees to which we take action. So our expectations of the future can often create that future. Then surely it’s a good idea to lock on to a version of the new year that will super empower you… and so I created it. And here it is! Your best, most positive and accurate New Year forecast


This year will be an amazing year for you. You will see positive possibilities abound and you will take positive action with a level of decisiveness and faith that will surprise even you.

On most occasions the outcomes will be extremely rewarding and the results very special for you. However, on some occasions the outcomes will seem negative initially, but you must look for the lesson within; for in the challenge is a teaching, and when you learn it you will grow. Then what seemed like a negative was in fact a superior blessing served to develop you and guide you, as well as ensure that you are grateful for your victories and accept them with humility and grace.

Relationships this year will improve significantly in direct proportion to your decision to listen attentively and understand the position of the other person. They will improve further when we deliver to people what they need from us in a way that they want to receive it. When we deliver positive messages with surprise and reinforcement, and negative messages with assurance and certainty, then our relationships with others will further increase.

Seek to complete those things you began or intended to begin. Your relationship with yourself this year will increase in direct proportion to your ability to complete those things that you set out to do. Complete those things from long ago. Complete those things started recently. This year you will focus on finishing. This year you will concentrate your efforts on completion.

Money and wealth will increase in direct proportion to the amount of value you give to your community. To deserve more, we must be deserving. Deserve means “of service”. Serve more people with greater quality and value to them, and the rewards will flow your way. This applies to business customers, managers, staff, peers, community and family. This year you will serve value and not just expend effort.

Family will strengthen this year because of you. You will initiate relationship repair and be a rock upon which the future foundations of family strength can further be built. Because this year you choose to care without judging, your strength will withstand any tests and trials.

This year you will strengthen your self-image, your communication, your faith and your results because of all the years that have passed before. The past has prepared you for this year. Those past successes and failures were all references for strength and for strengthening. Your power this year comes from within. Your decision to positively listen, think and act will produce positive results. This year is your year of greatest transformation yet.

Congratulations on taking the next steps toward becoming your potential you with such excitement and positive anticipation! With the power of heaven conspiring to help you succeed, and the light within you shining brighter than ever, this year you will live a life that will inspire others as well as encourage yourself.

So go for it in a big way! This is your year. Serve it right. Serve others right. Serve you right.

This year will be an amazing year for you. Now go, do, and complete!





Tim “Crystal Balls” Wade

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