Starting your New Year’s Resolutions today = 526% more success

Starting your New Year’s Resolutions today = 526% more success.

If you start your New Year’s Resolutions today, you will be 526% more likely to succeed at them.
When you start your New Year’s Resolutions today, rather than wait until New Year’s Day, you’re 526% more likely to succeed at achieving those resolutions. Because you’re 5 times more likely to be committed to delivering the OUTCOME rather than just the annual intention if you start in December.

Okay, here’s the breakdown:

100% — Because 1st Jan is when you’re supposed to declare rather than actually do anything. That’s why most resolutions are abandoned or forgotten by 17 Jan. Because the goal is to declare rather than do. And as soon as we go back to work we forget about the new and get back into the old.

200% — Because the new you starts today, not some other day, and you want to start the new year already running, not fluffing around looking for your brand new gym shoes for six months.

300% — Because we’re about to go into a period of excess, and most resolutions are to do with weight, money or being the better you. So deciding and then doing what you know needs to be done, today, increases your awareness of what you’re choosing to eat, drink, spend and how you’re choosing to be. So be the better you starting today. You’ll thank yourself come 17 Jan, when the old you would have forgotten what you promised yourself.

400% — Because instead of winding down the year and letting loose, wind up your year ahead, supercharge your resolve, and get a head start to burst through the 1st Jan starting blocks at full speed.

And if you’re in a competitive career, your biggest opportunity to leap ahead is when your competitors are all slowing down. Ramp up your resolve and start sprinting.

500% — Because you want to start the year as you mean to go on, but many people might otherwise start the new year with no sleep, hungover, in bed with the wrong person, and taking a day off work to recover and clean up the mess. In other words, starting sick and tired and remorseful and delivering no value is unlikely to be the way you really intend to start the new year and craft the even better you.

+26% — I wrote this 26 days from New Year’s Day, so minus 1% for every day closer to New Year’s Day (of course that would also give you a +300% boost at the beginning of the year). But regardless, note that New Year’s Day will happen whether you do anything or not, while your New You Day can only happen today, in the present moment, with the decisions you make today and the actions to take today.

So, today: decide what you’re committing to doing and start doing it. You’ll have a 526% head start, and you’ll start the coming year phenomenally well.

Do it.
Activate positive change.

Tim Wade

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