Not happy with something? Be a vocational actionary

Not happy about something? Decide to change it or influence it to change. Posting it on social media won’t change anything except other peoples’ good opinions of you. Instead take some positive action right now. Make an appointment, send an email, book a thing, make a call, write a letter, join a movement, walk over to a desk, whatever. Just do it.

Warning: choose your words and your approach wisely. If you’re not happy with a person, for example, don’t go all volcanic eruption all over them with pent up molten lava. Think about how to tell them in a way that will deliver a solution for them and for you. Like, “Hey, I’ve noticed you become like a condescending Facebook troll for the majority of my posts or comments. It seems weird that you seem to publicly put-down-to-one-up me yet be nice to every one else. What’s really going on here?”

Initiate a solution. Work to make it happen. Don’t be a vocal complacenary. Be a vocational actionary. Go, now, do. Motivate positive change.

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