Easy offset: meat and dairy


How to carbon offset: the environmental impact of your meat and dairy consumption It seems beef is getting a bad rap when it comes to the environment. I like beef. And meat in general. And dairy. So I thought I’d figure out how to offset this impact. This article is not about the morals of […]

Offsetting your driving

Carbon offset your driving - be climate positive -- Tim Wade

How to drive and be climate positive: an easy way to offset your CO2 emissions from driving. I was asked how many trees would we need to plant to offset carbon emissions from driving 10,000km. But because different vehicles consume fuel differently – think Mack Truck vs Smart Fortwo – it seems better to focus […]

Volcanoes, Ozone, Climate Change and Critical Thinking

What’s your answer to this simple question: Is the hole in the ozone layer caused by: 1. chlorine, or 2. volcanoes? I knew about both arguments. Most of us went through the anti-CFC period in the early 90s where packaging changed and fridge cooling systems were replaced. Then my scientist relative explained the volcano theory […]

How to calculate your carbon emissions

How to calculate your carbon footprint - CO2 calculators - Tim Wade

So apparently if we don’t change our ways, the planet is going to change our ways for us. Disruption, on a global scale, is inevitable unless we create a greater sense of urgency and as individuals — and as businesses, and communities and nations — we take some significant, purposeful action. Why bother taking climate […]

Why does eating meat (and I love meat) contribute to climate change?


I love meat. But why does everyone say that eating meat is causing climate change? The meat of the issue It’s because of the resources that go into meat production, the methane the animals produce during their life and their waste produces after slaughter is kinda big, the huge amount of deforestation necessary to farm […]

We’ve won the B1G1 Impact Global Award for our giving

Announcement of the B1G1 Global Awards for Impact - 19 June 2019 - joint winner Tim Wade motivational speaker Singapore

On 19 June 2019 it was announced that we won the B1G1 Impact Global Award for our giving to worthy causes and projects around the world. While it’s about making a difference in the world and less about accolades for doing that, I think it’s great to share that we won this Impact Global Award […]