COVID19 – a game of life rules reset

The game of life is about relationships. We finally have another opportunity to learn this in isolation and social distancing. The game of life is about love. We finally have another opportunity to learn this when loved ones by name become threatened and become loved by possible loss. The game of life isn’t about accumulating […]

Covid-19 … be care-filled.

Hey. I hope you and your family are safe at well during this time. It can be very scary for some. Here as an ear if you need me. This really is a time for care. And decisiveness. Being decisive is tough when there is so much uncertainty, but the secret is being decisive with […]

What is a thog?

A thog is a thought blog. A micro post. A quick idea. Thog is not Thor’s other brother. Thog might be Thort’s brother. While a blog is an abbreviation for a weblog, a thog is a thought log. I just thought that a micro post living on my website deserved it’s own name and category. […]

Virus Truth

This virus is revealing a truth about ourselves.Lydia and I went to the theatre last night. Full house. And I was speaking to one of their staff and she mentioned it’s been a full house for the entire run. I mentioned it’s amazing how paranoid, diligent and careful people are unless the tickets they paid […]

Here are the links to all my How-to-be-Climate-Positive articles and videos

How to be CLIMATE POSITIVE without changing anything - Tim Wade

The original article about offsetting your flying published in the blog is here: This linked to some calculators: The next list is about offsetting various other parts of your lifestyle, with the link name explaining what’s being offset, so you can still happily do it while ensuring you’re very climate positive: […]