About Tim in 72 seconds

This short video is about Tim, his background, topics he covers, his clients and more…

Awesome Testimonial

This video is of a written testimonial from Agnes Lee, the Marketing Manager for IELTS. It’s awesome. “This is the second time I’ve invited Tim as a guest/anchor speaker for my event… The management team is so impressed with the session that we are looking forward to have him back for next year’s conference! Thank you once again for the fantastic session!” So awesome we turned it into a video.

High-energy showreel 36

If you’re the kind of person who likes a bucket of coffee in the morning and you thought the 72-second video was way too long, here’s a super short and high-caffeine video that packs a tonne of info into half that time.Yep… 36 seconds. Roast them beans? Yes we can!